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Autism / PDD-NOS Planboard


In Daily use!

The visual planner is now in daily use. Above you see how it looks in day to day use. 

I printed out some picto's and laminated them. Using Velco with a glue layer we are able to stick the picto's to the 6x6 plates. 

From experience we know that some picto's never move, since the daily ritual is always the same. Some places that are left open on the board are for adding daily activaties. 

The board is normallt up on the book case, but it moves to the dinner table too.

As you can see this is not an ordinary Lego Ideas Project. It is meant for Autistic kids. Even if this Idea never makes 10000 votes I think it is already a succes for my family. 



Created the model

The build was started using standard parts available on the Lego Online Store. 

A 48x48 plate is the basis.

The pictograms were cut out. I printed the pictograms using a laser printer on normal paper, but you can also use label paper so you can stick the pictograms to the 6x6 tiles.

The rest of the 6x6 flat tiles are added to the board and pictograms can be stuck to them.

Separators can be added in any color you like. I choose black 1x8 and 1x6 flat tiles for this board. 

The board can changed in any way you like. The final result of my board looks like this.

To explain the project better I made a movie which can be seen at: 


Reduced the amount of stimuli

From the feedback I received I found out that the use of colors and the visual stimuli are to much for some children. 

That is why I reduced the amount of colors and added flat tiles to write on.

The transparent tiles are for putting pictograms behind. 

Kids and their parents can plan weeks, days, or events depending on their needs.

Planning can be done horizontally or vertically. 

I changed the 6x6 flat tiles to gray, since those are available now on the Lego site. 

An advantages of a Lego plan board is the symmetry and neatness that can be achieved. 

Closeup of mini-figure

Adding writing surface

Transparent tiles can be used to add pictograms. The pictograms are behind the "glass" so they are kept clean. No glue needed, so easy to exchange for another pictogram.

An overview of the updated idea (without added apples, pictograms etc, which you can still add of coarse)

Please check out the video I made to illustrate my idea on :

The pictogramen that I am using are black and white ones printed on normal paper or on label paper that can be stick to a tile. Naturally their is a Lego pictograms available!