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Autism / PDD-NOS Planboard


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My son recently was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I have been trying to think of how I can help him plan his day. Help keep his head clear. I found out LEGO's are fantastic for making a plan board and making it a tool  for him as well.

I have been using the LDD for a bit and created a simple overview of his week. The bricks I need are mostly tiles with pictograms, but with a little help I was able to plan walking the dog, eating his morning fruit, brushing his hear. 

If the project ever makes enough support I am sure tiles can be made that represent all major events of the day as a tile. 

At his school the mondays are the "red" day. Tuesdays are yellow. Etc. The weekend days are white. 

By moving the mini-figure of himself to the appropriate day he can see what is to come.

I will be working with LDD to see if I can do a better job, but you probably get the Idea.


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