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Welcome to Mcdonald's! I'll show you the best of this place. Check below and learn about the newest update of the model.

Together with delicious burgers, there is a beautiful and complete place for you to have a meal.

What is new in the update: I have changed the stained glasses and the tree (in the old renders, that are from the interior, you will see it blurried, but we still have some other old details). The new renders were made in Blender.

Food court (feeding place): here you will see cool tables and chairs. Here i also put very cool minifigures that i know you will like. Two of them are a father and his son: the son climbed into the chair wanting his father's burger. The father was very embarrassed.

Pantry: in the pantry you will see some cool details like the bags, wardrobes and the very cool ventilator.

Bathroom: there we have a tap, a sink and a toilet.

Kitchen: this is the most detailed place. Here you will see were the french fries are made, where the buns are toasted, where the condiments are added, where the burgers are fried and where the soft drinks are taken. We also have a sink and a chrome tap.

Outside: here we have a tree, a drive-thru, trash cans, the Mcdonald's sign and a lot of plants.

Why i did it

I did it because I thought that making a Mcdonald's would be very cool, and I had cool building ideas, so I wanted to build it.

I hope foi like it!

Please, support! Doing that can make it a real LEGO set.

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