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LL-546 Galaxy


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"The LL-546 Galaxy will help with our grow our expansive exploration of this galaxy."
Admiral Daelthorn

What is this?
This is a classic space spaceship that I built after seeing lots of others.
Why did I build this?
I have seen lots of classic space and I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to build my own, and here is the result.
Why do I believe that this would make a great set?
I think that this would be a great set because of nostalgia and how cool it is.

Please stay tuned for updates as I might change the design so it has more greebling or more stability!

This spaceship has a classic space minifigure pilot, a detailed cockpit, retractable landing gear, and some greebling. (This is one of my first times greebling a project, so its not as good as it could be. Adding more greebling will probably be in one of the updates.)

Keep building!

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