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The Studgart Express 🚄


Ever since I was a little kid I always loved trains. From Thomas the Tank Engine to fast Amtrack Trains I always thought trains were amazing. It has been a lifelong dream to travel in a Bullet Train in Japan or travel in the TGV in France and I was inspired to make a hybrid bullet/high-speed train. So let's take a tour of this express train!

The train's shape is created by using aircraft cockpit pieces and all the windows are made from airplane windows. There are 3 main carriages: the first carriage with first-class and the cab, the second carriage with the buffet car, and the third carriage with coach seats. In total there are around 40 seats onboard the 3 carriages The carriages have jacobs bogies connecting each car allowing the train to run at high speeds and prevent the train from jackknifing. 

This train is a childhood dream finally in bricks! The interior is not completely done but an update will be posted very soon. I hope you like this train and you get your ticket to join us on our journey to the LEGO Store Shelves! All Aboard!!!