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Valentine's Candy

We are always looking for new and unique ways to show someone we love them. So how about with LEGO? 💗

The two individual builds are a chocolate box and a jar of sweets. This small little set uses a total of 152 pieces.

For the chocolate box, the main colour scheme is White and Dark Red, with the removable lid design accented with Pearl Gold and Magenta.

Inside the box you will find nine small individual chocolates made up of two different shades of Brown for a combined milk and dark chocolate blend, also topped and complimented with Dark Pink hearts.

The Jar of sweets uses a blend of Magenta and Dark Pink for the classic valentine's theme, and just the like the chocolate box, you can access the small sweets inside.

** The Transparent Pink Brick was supposed to be a Magenta one, but I was unable to pick one up **

I chose to make this set as it's something a bit different that we don't really see currently. I also think it will go well with existing valentine's sets such as the Roses and Valentine's Bear.

I hope you like this set and a massive thank you in advance for any support!!