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Engineers at Work


Engineers are so inspirational to me. They can create amazing and complex things that most of us humans  don't realize in what go into making them work. Such as our cars, or TV's, or even our tablets/phones. That is why I created this LEGO Ideas Project, Engineers at Work. This project shows three different types of engineers, Electrical Engineers, Scientists (they are an engineer), and Architectural Engineers. 

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers dream up and invent different things. In their corner, I gave them robotic arm, and a multicopter. These two inventions are so amazing at what they can do. The electrical engineers take different designs that scientists have made, and make real life models that work and can be used by people.


Scientists are definitely one of the smartest out of all the engineers. They have to know all of what can happen if you combine two chemicals together. They are constantly experimenting to find out if there is a cure for many types of things, like cancer. They are truly remarkable in everything that they do. I put a solar panel with the scientists because think of what goes into a device that converts the sun's energy into power.


Architects dream up different kinds of buildings; using shapes, sizes, and locations. They create very complex and interesting houses, skyscrapers, and other types of buildings. 

As you can see, engineers are so cool and awesome. I hope that you support my project so I can get 10,000 supporters! Thank you for making my dream come true!

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