Evil Beasts - Iron Ape and his team - Optimized version

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Great thanks to those who already supported this project before, and to those who are interested in it now ^_^ This is an optimized version which overcomes 2 major weakness in my last prototype version:
- Arms were not able to lift in air due to lack of stability on shoulder connections
- Mouth could not open
I do feel much more comfortable of this release now ... kindly invite you to check out details below ...

Iron Ape was in my mind for several months, it's a bit hard to collect all parts I need ... however, finally, I am happy to present you this new creation!

Iron Ape is made by over 500 Star Wars & Technical parts, mobility & details are both where I spend lot of efforts. Let's review major details here:
- Over 50 joints gives great mobility to simulate exciting actions like a real Ape ^&^
- Vivid shape and full functional hands are both my favorites
- Modulized weapons provides further opportunities to enhance this evil beast
- Open chest for detailed operation cab

Same as my another MOC "Steel brother", the Iron Ape and his team are not original from the Star War movies, they are just my own creations, and I sincerely hope one, or few, of them could appear in the coming Star wars 7!

Above pictures are presenting different poses:
- Left ... lift arm and open mouth
- Right above ... pounding chest ^_^ classic style, right?
- Right below ... lift arm and give a "V"
- Middle below ... hanging on a beam without additional support, my favorite pose

You may also find variations of weapon system between the 2 pictures below:
- Middle below ... picked up
- Right below ... expended
Sorry I do not have more space to show you those weapons, they are not quite special but you have full flexibility to make your own and stick to this Ape!

Now, some features for the operation cab. Open his chest, you can find a comfortable room there with lot of details:
- Middle-up ... Life support system on the left side, meter panel is hiding behind steering stick
- Middle-low ... Weapon control system on the right side
- Middle-low ... Laser gun can be stored behind seat (sorry, the picture was not quite clear)

And the right picture is showing his engines on the back, 2 ramjets and 1 turbo.

My friends, I was hesitating to choose a picture here ... more actions or more details, HAAA, Finally here are some details of his head & hands, hope you will like them.

OK, lastly, This is the Evil Beasts team, 4 members:
- Iron Ape, as you see in this project
- Cruel Scorpion, you may review it on https://ideas.lego.com/projects/30623
- Tiny alien (right), not published mini MOC. You may see its interesting poses on the right side
- Mech Weimaraner (left), not published mini MOC

The Evil Beasts are the kings of jungle and moross, any rivals ahead can only be dead bodies!

Again, your comments and support will always encourage me to move forward :) Thanks!

Enjoy LEGO!