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Comfy French Villa


Welcome to the Comfy French Villa: The perfect place for a relaxing summer getaway!

I was inspired to build this house after seeing multiple pictures of beautiful, but, sadly forgotten, french villas. I'd like to bring their beauty back to the world's attention by having this as an official LEGO set.

The house includes two stories, a wall around the property, red-capped roof and windows, a tree, a fountain, and much more!

The house has a great curb-appeal, with a fountain cascading, an apple tree, a lamppost, a gray capped-wall with a mailbox, and stone steps leading to the entrance.

On the first floor there is a small kitchen area with a computer desk, a refrigerator, a sink, and a stove with pot and pans underneath. Next to the large bay window is the perfect living room with a TV and couch.

After taking the brick-stairs to the next floor, you will encounter a lovely bedroom complete with a dresser, a bed, nightstand with a lamp, and a cozy fireplace looking out onto a chair. The second floor also has a bathroom. 

The back includes some rusty supply crates perfect for storing old tools, and, if you're lucky, you might be able to find the sneaky spider hiding!

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