Product Idea

Replica - California Lifeguard Stand

My son and I started a summer project where we married two things we love – the beach and LEGO.  We thought creating the iconic Los Angeles County lifeguard tower to the scale of a minifigure would be fun.

Our structure is built with a few liberties taken, but essentially one LEGO peg per actual foot. 

The roof comes off and we hid a treasure in the sand dune.  Windows/doors move.

All in – approximately 1200 pieces.

There are 158 of these world renown stands that populate the Los Angeles coast line.  When the flag is raised, it means the stand is occupied by a lifeguard.  The color and style date back to the 1950’s. 

Hope you enjoy and give us your support to make this into both a set to play with and one that would be a great model build.