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Hidden Desert Tomb

Full Picture Set & Box Stories

Designed to withstand the fury of a meteor shower, laser attacks or other disastrous event or assault, these shelters were built in a time when mankind's fate was not so clear. Now, decades after they were created, these shelters have drifted beneath the sands of time, but what else has been forgotten in their shadowy depths...

This set is a must for any Steam Punk or Post-Disaster scene yet remains fun and contemporary for younger builders. On top of this, the main doorway is also fully mechanical and can optionally set off the trapdoor when activated!

- Hidden doorways
- Trap doors
- Interior slide-out feature that can be replaced with stairs/water source/computer room
- Robots, scorpions, unique minifigures
- Massive double steel doors!
See external pictures for full details!

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Front view - entrance

What were they hiding in there??

Fully operating mechanical doorway.

New minifigures & tons of danger! Robotic sentinels and poisonous scorpions!

Full Picture Set & Box Stories

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