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City Family Car


The Lego city car was inspired by the lack of room in most Lego city car sets. This set is about the same size as any other car, and uses mostly pieces found in Lego city sets. The car is a blue convertible and was originally a jeep. Some things that make it different from most Lego city sets are that the windshield and seats are both made from multiple pieces. The model also has a spare tire on the back.

The city family car is a great way to transport your Lego people and supplies! The car contains 4 seats, and unlike most Lego cars you can have the figures sit side by side. In all 4 minifigs can be in the car at once! The windshield has window wipers, and the seat backs are sloped away from the seat allowing figures with long hair pieces to be able to sit. The car its self is 6 bricks by 15 bricks, but with the wheels it is about 8 bricks wide.

The city family car would be a great addition to any Lego city or collection.

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