Product Idea

Medieval Dock House

For my second modular build I made a medieval house with a small port for ships to dock and transfer cargo/passengers. The lord of this manor made enough gold from his docking fees that he could start a horse carting business. Many traveling peasants routinely rented out a horse for light haulage and often a cart capable of carrying a ton of goods. 

Use the Medieval Crane to hoist barrels of grain, fish, wine and other items. Explore the interior of both floors by removing the roof or second level and swinging open the back wall. The first level has a hidden area under the floor with a stash of gold coins and map of buried treasure. Includes lots of play features and accessories. Uses different techniques to create the bowed out wall, staircase, and ramshackle style roof.  

4 Minifigures: Owner, apprentice worker, and two customers
1 Boat 
1 Horse with cart and many accessories
Total Parts: 1,468

I hope you like this design as I enjoy building this medieval theme. If so, please support and comment with any suggestions...Thanks for viewing! 
(I also built a Medieval Blacksmith Shop with link below).