Product Idea

Mini McDonalds Modular

This mini-Mcdonalds modular was built out of the necessity for me to have a low building in my modular collection. I have ordered the pieces to build this and hope to be able to update with real photos in the upcoming weeks. 

Like with all modulars the roof is removable. The big "M" can also spin, it's on a turn-table brick. 

This is obviously a small drive-thru McDonalds. The door is on the back, there is no seating inside, just one employee to work the window. Inside details are a glass refrigerator, a small stove and over, a cash register, and sink/soda dispenser and clock. 

Small cars (the mini-mini-cooper for example) or motorcycles can use the drive-thru. Orders  are taken from the menu screen. LDD had limited decorative tiles available so you will need to use some imagination there, that should look like a menu, perhaps with a picture of a burger or drink.