Product Idea

City Bakery

Welcome to our city bakery! Apart from your house, this is the most comfortable place in the city. Moris and Gordon are waiting for you at the checkout so you can get the freshest coffee and pastries in the early morning. You can chat and listen to new tracks with Lea during your lunch break. In the evening, walk down our street and discuss the latest news with Kevin, Faith, Phil, Chester, Eve or Joey. Or join Alex when she is playing on his saxophone with us on the roof. Can you smell it yet? It's the smell of a fresh bun that we made especially for you. Welcome!

This is a new great game set for those who like to play with city buildings. I wanted to create a cozy place from the best designer in the world. Because I came up with an interesting urban space where you can come up with a lot of stories with figures, and this set will easily fit into existing urban and architectural sets.