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McDonald’s For Young And Old

When it comes to iconic fast food restaurants it doesn’t get any bigger or better than McDonald’s.  Known and loved across the globe this worldwide brand is instantly recognisable and therefore highly deserving of a place in the LEGO Ideas series. 

The marriage of LEGO and McDonalds started in 1983 when lego toys were first included in happy meals and this has been repeated over the years to much excitement of the children discovering their special LEGO toys included with their favourite McDonald’s food. 

This set was originally designed on a 32x32 baseplate but then extended by 14 studs wide to include a kitchen and further dining room. 

My son has been enjoying its playability pulling the deep fryers out of the oil, putting different food items on the trays and driving various vehicles through the drive thru window.  This creation has definitely been designed with young and old in mind. I have tried to replicate my local McDonald’s by using reference photos to match the colour and design particularly of the building exterior.

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