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Star Wars Chess


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Will you join the rebels, and fight with the Iconic Heroes you've come to know and love? Or, will you choose the Evil Empire, and tread out the uprising rebellion with your mighty army and maintain your power over the galaxy?

This is my second and biggest take on a Lego board game, Star Wars Chess! I've always had a fondness for Lego chess sets, however I feel this larger, more detailed example could really inspire more people to take an interest in both Lego and Chess.

Like my previous Brickopoly Set, it takes place on 4 32x32 square tiles, which can be easily dismantled for transportation, and its larger size and detail could make it an excellent display piece as well as just for playing with. The character pieces in this set are:


  • Rebel Troopers - Pawns
  • X-Wing Fighters - Castles
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Knight
  • Princess Leia - Knight
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 - Bishop
  • Han Solo and Chewbacca - Bishop
  • Luke Skywalker - Queen
  • Yoda - King


  • Stormtroopers - Pawns
  • Tie-Fighters - Castles
  • Navy Trooper - Knight
  • Imperial Crewman - Knight
  • Imperial Guards - Bishops
  • Darth Vader - Queen
  • The Emperor - King

Overall, the set consists of 2,324 pieces, which makes it fun for building and playing with. I do apologize  that some of the pieces, such as some torsos, or R2-D2's head aren't correctly fitted to the characters, but they're the closest I could get on Lego digital designer, so hopefully it won't lower your view on the overall project.

I've spent the longest on this project than all of my others, and I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! I would really appreciate it if you could support, follow or even share this project to help it reach 10,000!

May the Force be with you, and as always, Thanks for viewing/reading!