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Cafe T-Point

Cafe T-Point is a full fledged Fast Food Restaurant, having delivery capabilities too. Its a strategically located Restaurant design, which has been comprehensively designed, having all the facilities - Open sitting area - with cart (movable) to service the customers sitting in the open area, in-door (ground floor, with front service area, customer sitting area and having wall mounted TV's for entertainment), backdoor fully functional kitchen, first floor sitting area - with service counters, and finally having the common areas. 

The Restaurant has the delivery capability, hence its has delivery vehicles parked outside. 

Front lawn area also has a direct access to the ground floor front service counter through a window, for a quick access to the counter and delivery of food items. 

We could also see customer enjoying the ambience, food, music, entertainment and overall service at the Restaurant. 

The design uses the ambience, surroundings and nature to its benefit, to ensure the design has the aesthetics and is meaningful for customers who would come on daily basis to have fun, enjoy the food and get entertained, while others could peacefully carry out their work. 

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