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Self Car Wash with MacNeil IBA (In-Bay Automatic) Wash System

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Although I mostly make automatic car washes, this one is of a do-it-yourself variety. With this car wash, you get a small but important detail for any Lego fan's collection or even a larger city build.   The 2 self-wash bays feature high-pressure water guns, vacuums, and a foam brush tool each. The automatic line has a compact but detailed wash system based on the real-life MacNeil In-Bay Express Wash system. To make sure car wash has a customer with something to wash, a civilian minifigure and car would also come with the set. The automatic process could be watched by a knowledgeable attendant minifigure, who would make sure customers would be satisfied with their car's cleaning. Overall, the set would feature 711 bricks.

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