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Batmobile (The Lego Movie)


Log 3: Batmobile and a NEW CREATION!

So I think it's about time I asked you guys: If there was one thing you could fix about my current creation, what would it be?


Here's my newest creation, the Camo Tumbler with missile launcher and Batpod:


Log 2: Explanation of Rear Thruster Feature

In the description, I mentioned how the rear flames spin when the Batmobile is driven across a flat surface. Here's the explanation.

There are two small bevel gears that are set at a 90 degree angle. It is then attached two 2 wheel hubs stacked right next to each other, and flames are attached.



Log 1

1st day - project is approved, supporters gathering.

Answered a lot of questions!

Please help me spread the word of this project, as I am really trying to get this off the ground. And plus, this Batmobile has never been made before, and is a fan favorite.