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Utility Van and Truck


Introducing the Utility Van and Truck. This set has everything needed to get the job done in any city. Both vehicles have the paint scheme to present any construction or utility company. The van is based off of a Dodge Ram Pro Master. It has two rear barn style doors. Inside, there is plenty of room to fit any materials and keep them protected from the rain. On the roof, there is a utility or ladder rack with a white ladder. The truck is based off of a medium or heavy duty truck. Behind the truck's cab, there is a closed section with two tool boxes. Inside the left door, there is also a saw. Inside one toolbox, there is two 16m chains. In the other one, there are assorted tools. Also on the side of the truck, there are two fuel caps. Also, the truck has tow mirrors and a hitch.  The bed is 11 studs long. Inside the bed, there is a tool rack. The tool rack has assorted tools. On the back side of the truck, there is a Lego logo. Also, the truck has yellow warning stripes on the rear bumper. This set has two construction or utility mini figures. The van driver is in an all blue jump suit with orange stripes with a blue ball cap. The truck driver is in one of the Lego Mining series uniforms..

This set would sell for $40 US currency based on parts.

Thanks so much for support! Let's get to 10,000!

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