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Brickcity Empire Hotel


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Brickcity Empire Hotel

The Brickcity Empire Hotel is re-opening more than one century after it has been built by Capt. Brickston in 1891 as its Shipowners office. Brickston shipping was one of the largest Shipping Companies beginning of the 20th Century. Beginning of the 1950s the office has been sold to Saxobrick - a big saxophone, guitar and guitar case manufacturer but the office has been closed in the 80s.

Now after 10 years of renovation and structural alternation works the nice building is presenting itself in a new shape.

The hotel combines newest standards in accommodation with any size of rooms starting from budget rooms to luxury apartment suits.

Designed with the spirit of the past of this building there is a big sailing ship model at the breakfast room based on one of he first sailing vessels of the Brickston Family - remembering the past as shipowner building - additionally everywhere you find always the colour blue for the sea - and at the bar and lounge there are some utensils presented from Saxobrick.

The Elevator is working perfectly on every platform.

Additionally - once you have a close look to the hotel - especially under the roof structure - you can see old details from the past - just waiting to be discovered.

I made this project because i think it is a great add on to the modular buildings which has a real own and old spirit and lot of play factors in an old design :)

The full set consists of 2995 pieces in total and build on baseplates of one 32 x 32 and one 16 x 32.

Hope you like it and support :)

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