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The Tower of the Sorrow


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The Tower of the Sorrow

This and the other mine projects were born from my passion for LEGO CASTLE sets and for the fantasy world.

My ideas come from what I would like to see on toys shop’ s shelves to implement my collection.

This set is built using LDD and represent the adventure of a king’s knight in the evil Sorceress tower.

The tower is a ruined place full of any kind of monsters, so the hero has to win against all these enemies to ridge the Sorceress hall and to fight against her magic powers.

The tower is built with different floors, each one with a monster inside.

Outside the tower there is a water moat inhabited by the green triton. To win against this one the knight must use the grey halberd to leave the lance from the hole, due to this action the little drawbridge will fall down on the monster (Pic. 2-3).

Arrived in the cellar, there is a grave. Pushing a lever outside, the grave will open and the skeleton exit (Pic. 4).

Up to the stairs, the knight arrives on the first floor, where has to fight against the werewolf. Here our hero can use a meat-stick to make quite the beast (Pic. 5).

In the next floor the danger is represented by one ghost that could appear and disappear due to a black level inside the tower’s wall (Pic. 6-7), so the better things is to run away too faster.

Upstairs a vampire will fall down to stop our knight route (through removing the lance from the hole) , but using a garlic, also this enemy will retreat (Pic. 8-9).

The last monster is a demon that is flying around the tower, and the knight has to use the crossbow to hit him (Pic. 10).

On the top of the tower, finally, our hero can meet the Sorceress, with some terrible bats flying around her (Pic. 11).

There are 8 minifigures in this set: the knight, 1 triton, 1 devil, 1 Sorceress, 1 werewolf, 1 skeleton, 1 vampire, 1 ghosts (Pic. 12).

There are also present many animals like a frog, three bats, a snake, a spider, a rat, a scorpion and a cat.

All the set should be upgraded with just a few particular pieces not present in LDD.

The set is made up of 798 bricks.

If you trust that this project could be reality, 10.000 thanks to you for your vote! Enjoy!

Rumens 85

I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If interested please check out my other projects and support if you like below:


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