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LEGO Builder's Journey - The Beach

Builder's Journey is a peaceful strategy game found on Apple Inc's Apple Arcade. It has 30 levels.  This is the first level involving A Father and Son with their first build together and it's a sand castle at The Beach. 

I built it because of course from playing the game, but I felt connected with it and I wanted to bring it to life. It reminded me of my father and I at the beach when I was a child building sand castles. 

This would be a great LEGO set, because it can be one of many ways to represent moments people have together with their families. It would be a great way to promote the game as well, because not many know of it. I think people need to build things like this, because we're all on our own journeys and it would be great to build something that reminds us of the memories we have. 

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