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(NEMESIS) RAID V Clash Vulture aka. Crimson Sky

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(NEMESIS) RAID V Clash Vulture aka. Crimson Sky
(RAID) Reconnaissance Attacker Interceptor Demolisher
Max Speed- MACH 4
Engagement Capabilities-Ground, Air to Air, Level 6 Engagement Combatant
Flight Ceiling- 44,000ft
Weapons- 6 MCD Cannons
Armament-NANO Reactive Smart Armor
Stealth-4 Channels Sight, Sound, Radar, and Heat Signature
Engagement Weakness-Wide Body lot of target area, but fuselage firepower makes up for large silhouette
Alias-Red Barron
Vulnerabilities-High Speed Maneuvers and G-forces interferes with Weapons system (LOS) Line of Sight

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