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The Attack Assault Ship

Please Read Description!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for viewing The Attack Asault Ship!!!!!!This model has a lot of detail and can fit three pilots, so please look below.

This is the side view of the ship. As you can see, the ship has two sets of landing gear and the ship can actually stand up on it sturdily.

This view of the ship is the cockpits for the commanders. They sit in there and they look toward the red seat where there is a control panel on both seats for the commanders to look through. The red and grey box in the center of the cockpit stores things. The canopy like thing off the ship to the right, fits perfectly onto the hinges and completely covers any holes/openings. There is a shovel that I added for detail and hooks the canopy to the ship. There is also jets on the back for detail and to propel the spaceship.

This view is the captains cockpit. He sits in there and the canopy to the left covers him.

This is a back view of the ship. As you can see, there are the propelers and the canopy on top that gently fits on top of the ship.Thanks for checking out The Attack Assault Ship!!!!!!!Please support and or comment!

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