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Air Chevron- Passenger Plane


Fixed POV-Ray 3.7

I finally got an image successfully rendered after numerous attempts.

Check out the images below in the previous update.


New Pictures!

After such a struggle getting POV-Ray 3.7 to work properly, I present more pictures of my beautiful Air Chevron Passenger Plane:

The Interior, showing opening rear doors, and three minifigures (one pilot, two passengers).

Ground Photo, with additional worker minifigure, and vehicle.


Technical Difficulties

Working on renderings, but POV-Ray 3.7 keeps malfunctioning for no reason.

Whenever I would start a rendering, the parsing session says an error occurred because it failed to retrieve a file which is probably missing.

No new images until this is fixed.

In the meantime, I'd like you to suggest ideas for future projects.


What a Head Start!

I never expected this project to get this far this quickly!

We already hit 25 supporters today!

I will soon post more images of the main model and the prototype model.

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