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Sin-Hojo's (REVENGE COLLECTION) MRX-II [Surface Storm] Jet Powered Motor Cycle

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(Sin-Hojo’s) MRX-II aka [Surface Storm] Jet Powered Motor Cycle
Part of the Sinhojo (Revenge Collection) this is the only bike in the world to travel on commonplace roads, outfitted with dual gas turbine Ram jet engines.
Power Core - NACHELLE IV Thermal twin turbo 5.8-liter V2 engine
Power Cell – Recycles and burn Nitrogen from its surrounding to increase power, performance and conserve fuel
Horse power - 480 hp
Acceleration - 0-90mph – in 2.8 seconds under 4000 rpm with 22.8 kgf.m of torque available
Top Speed - Last rider achieved 547 Kilometers per hour
Weight - 259 kg
Design Concept – If a Chopper and a Crotch Rocket had children their first born would be named? “Surface Storm”!
Cost - US$172,500

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