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The Orchid breaks all the rules of spaceflight and gets away with it. The space police can't ticket what they can't catch.

The orchid bends the rules of LEGO as well. This is no beginner model. The thrust vectoring fins are held in place by a system of hinges and handles that require dexterity to put together. That said, once this model is put together it stays that way. The spaceframe is made of brackets and plates.

The thruster cone is held on by an antenna that runs through the inside of the cone. Within the ship there are two 1x2 technic bricks. The center hole of the forward one has a gray technic pin with stud. The rear one is open. When the thruster cone assembly is pushed in it stays in.

Working landing gear. The thrust vectoring fins fold flat

The landing gear folds out of the way.