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GLaDOS - Display Figure


New digital model finished

I've finished the new model in lld and will hopefully begin building it soon.

Happy Building


GLaDOS Remodel progress


I've been working on a 2nd version of the GLaDOS model which will possibly be called 'GLaDOS Display Model' in the near future. The new model is only in LDD at the moment but I am hoping to physically make it out of Lego.

I think the new version is far better in terms of realism (to the actual GLADOS) but I'm stuggling to find a way to mount it on its frame (also getting a makeover.)

(caution, very cheesy photoshop alert!)


Also, the hip cables will be actual cables (lego pneumatic hoses) and should be a lot more wire 'n' stuff (technical term =)

Feel free to express any ides you may have in the comments

Thanks for 204 supporters!


GLaDOS 2.0

I would like to thank the 183 people who are supporting my first project and say that I am working on upgrading the model as a new project which will be uploaded soon ( and this time I will remember to add tags!) which will include an updated stand, improved GLaDOS chassis and Wheatley's bomb launcher sticker.

Happy building!


Alternative Version - Wheatley

I have added Wheatley and the three corrupt cores used in the boss battle to defeat him, and I have finally changed GLaDOS' "neck" from white to black.(Above) Wheatley's bomb launcher used during the boss battle, this can be removed along with the corrupt cores and their mounts to create Wheatley from just after the core transfer that resulted in Wheatley putting GLaDOS on a potato battery.

(Below) The design for the sticker that would go on the end of the bomb launcher showing the muzzle and the red status light.

Full list of changes:

GLaDOS original model

  • Neck is now black

Wheatley variant

  • Wheatley core
  • Space core (orange)
  • Adventure core "Rick" (green)
  • Fact core (Pink)
  • Changed Grills on forward body
  • No hip cables
  • Forward body joint now ridged not smooth (stronger hinge needed due to no hip cables)
  • Changed head attachment panel
  • Added 2x2 bricks on back for structural integrity


"I am NOT a moron!"


Thanks to all for the 92 supports!



Upcoming addition

I am planning on adding Wheatley to be interchangeable with GLaDOS' head and also the corrupt cores that are attached to him by Chell during the boss battle.

And I'd like to thank the 65 of you who have supported my project in the last four days :)

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