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GLaDOS - Display Figure


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Here is my model of GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) the central AI core of Aperture Science with the purpose of running the tests that take place within Aperture. GLaDOS was destroyed by Chell using portals to redirect rockets fired by a rocket sentry. Three rockets eventually caused GLaDOS to be critically damaged and pulled out of the chamber and into the car park. During portal 2 GLaDOS is reactivated and begins repairing the facility which has fallen into disrepair between the events of Portal 1 and Portal 2.

About The Model

The model is based on GLaDOS during the events of Portal 2. Supported by a Lego Technic frame the model has full 360 degree rotation; the body can move up and down on the joint above the hip cable attachments and the head is fully articulated, meaning GLaDOS can look around without moving her entire body.

The kit includes GLaDOS, a display stand and Chell. There would be additional decals such as the orange cable and the Aperture logo panel.

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