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Drop Hitch Low-boy with Dozer


  Wide load coming though!

   This truck with a drop hitch lowboy is hauling a dozer modeled after a John Deere 450K. It has a 4 way blade instead of a six and is a little more bulky. The truck and low-boy were revamped from one of my past creations. The dozer can be chained down with two chains and there are two minifigures, a truck driver and dozer operator. 

    It took 16 hours to build it all. The hitch drops off the trailer and you can pull about anything you want up onto it. Dozer's dimensions: 26 studs long, 16 studs wide, and 10 sutds tall. Truck's dimensions: 27 studs long, 8 studs wide, and 10 studs high. Low-boy's dimensions: 60 studs long, 12  studs wide, and 7 studs tall( to the top of the hitch).

   This would be a great set for anyone who if a fan of heavy equipment or construction. 

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