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Hello, I built the beautiful town hall of Pordenone. The communal palace was built between 1291-1395. However, only the palace itself is that old. Several other additions were made in the 16th century, including the watch tower, the loggia and the pinnacles, all designed by a local painter Pomponio Amalteo.
The symbol of Pordenone is surely the town hall which was built in the thirteenth century completely in brick and features original Gothic architectural elements.The highest part of the building overlooks the Noncello River.
I built it because I was born in Pordenone and this building is breathtaking, and I wanted to build something of this city so it can be remembered and maybe discovered from a lot of people that don't know it. I think it would be a great LEGO set because it is one of the most beautiful attractions in Italy and it is fun and enjoyable to build. You can have a piece of Italy in LEGO and it can remind you of the city every time you look at it and even while building it. 

Thank you


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