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Thief's Hideout!


Hi! This is the thief's hideout! It has a gray motorcycle for the crook to ride on. It also has a cool waterfall coming off the side of the hideout, that flows past two awesome pine trees! The hideout has a crate full of treasure inside. 1 gold crystal, 2 silver crystals, 1 gold key, and 3 red diamonds! 

Includes 2 mini figures, 1 forest policeman with 1 pair of handcuffs, and 1 crook with a crowbar. The green door has an awesome big green bush next to it and the door has a steel frame. I KNOW this is not that great of a set, but I just put it on so that I would have a project, and a way for people to talk to me. But I won't feel bad at all if you support this, or follow me! I FOLLOW everyone that follows me! So please follow. I love COMMENTS and I will reply to every single ONE! So please comment! THANK YOU to everybody who supports any of my projects or follows me! Have an AWESOME Day!!! 

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