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Vineyard Estate

Discover this unique estate inspired by the beautiful mediterranean vineyard landscapes.
 This set gives you the opportunity to build a steep hill where vines with plump grapes grow. Don't get distracted playing with the farmers harvesting the grapes, you will need to find the map and the key to the hidden treasure.
On the valley there is a characteristic three level house. The cellar has a roof covered in long wood boards and is where the wine barrels are stored. There is also a secret passage for you to unravel, once you find it you'll gain access to the hidden vineyard treasure!
As you go along building the house, on the ground floor you'll construct a lagar where the farmers are stomping the grapes, an ancient wine-making tradition. Don´t forget to wash your feet if you decide to help them!
On the top floor you will find a cafe. Estate visitors can enjoy an ice cream or have a taste of the estate wine in the balcony whilst watching the boat sailing up the river.
This set has 3363 bricks which gives it a lot of details for you to work on, making it a very engaging build.
This is an original idea, I hope you enjoy it!

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