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Technic Megafigure


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This is my recreation of a LEGO Minifigure into modern Technic LEGO. I choose to present this in the Classic Space minifigure look with buggy (set 886 replica) but this figure could be recreated to match most Minifigures with colour changes.

It is scaled up 4:1 as accurately as I possibly can.

Originally built for an Eurobricks Technic contest in 2021 but have recently made some small changes and will need some more parts before building this version.

The figure has legs that 'walk' when you move the head side to side. The arms and hands move around similar to actual Minifigures. This Technic Megafigure can also sit, as shown sitting on the space buggy clipped in by a couple of Technic pins.

I have included an extra head without helmet which can be interchanged and the air tanks on the back easily unclip as shown.

I think this would make a great set for the younger kids to play with and for the adults of the 80s with kids to reminisce about (that's me!). I think having this format of figure with the vehicle adds to play-ability instead of just the Megafigure itself.

I hope you like it enough to support it!

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