Batman Tumbler (with batpod)

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Breaking news! New batpod section avaiable! Ask for the new instructions for my e-mail!

I had seen some tumbler models on internet including this site but, I didn't found any tumbler model with batpod coming from the front wheels, so, I decided to build my one model. And this is the result. I hope you like it and, if so, give me suport.

If you want the instructions ask for them for my e-mail

This tumbler model comes with two figures: Batman and Rachel Daws.

The cockpit can fit two figures. It has steering wheel, computer, radar and some levers.

To transform batpod you need to:
-First, take out this section;
-Second, flip the wheels;

-Third, make a few adjustments.
And here it is: The Batpod!

Feel free to share.