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Duplo Helicopter


This is a model of a Lego Duplo helicopter I built for my 3 year old son from bricks found in several different sets. I built it because he wanted to have a helicopter and we did not have a specific set. Special care was taken so that it is robust with respect to handling by small children and it does not break apart easily. The rotor blades rotate by virtue of a special brick (in gray). Inside the cabin a driver can fit nicely, be it a child character from Lego Duplo or a grown up character. The design is perfectly balanced on the wheels and it will not tip over easily. Also, if held by the pivot point of the blades, it is balanced.

The advantage of this model is that, apart from the cabin, it is built by completely generic bricks. I believe that this is a great advantage compared to models with specific predesigned bricks, since it can incite child's creativity. Because of this it can be fit nicely in the ``idea" type sets where there are several models in one.  Apart from this, the look of it is more ``serious" than the standard Duplo predesigned sets with helicopters and hence might appeal more to some children. For example it contains a visible ``engine" which will make more technically inclined children happy.

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