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UCS Tie Striker


Not that long ago, in a galaxy that's not that far away, bigred0720 made an ultimate collector series tie striker.   This project is based off of the awesome new ship from the new Star Wars movie ''rogue one'' - obviously, the tie striker. This is the first UCS set that I have built, and it is also the first rogue one model that I have built. This set would include, one massive tie striker, a display stand, and hopefully a plaque. It took a little over a month (on and off) to build, and I have no idea of the piece count, but what I do know is that it is over 24 inches long, over 15 inches wide, and over 6 inches tall (without the stand). This obviously dwarfs the official LEGO tie striker, which is maybe the best LEGO tie fighter ever. It is the first tie striker in UCS form that I have ever seen, so I'm hoping that the fact that it is unique will help it gain momentum. I think that this would make a good set because we have yet to get any UCS sets based on rogue one so far, and this would be the perfect place to start, because who knows, we might make it in time for episode VIII!

As always, thank you for reading and please support and follow if you want to see a UCS tie striker as much as me!

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