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RWBY: The Forest Temple


Legends.  Stories scattered through time.  Mankind has grown quite fond of rebuilding the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that they are remnants, byproducts of an epic animated series.  Dedicated to the late Monty Oum, this RWBY themed Lego set has been designed to bring the fun, colorful feel of RWBY to Lego.

            This proposed set focuses on one of the first battles in the series.  The focus of the episode “Players and Pieces”, this set includes the forest temple, a giant nevermore, and all four members of Team RWBY.

The set in this form contains 175 pieces, the majority forming the Nevermore and the Temple.  This set includes

A detailed forest temple, complete with simulated chess pieces, and realistic looking debris. 

A giant Nevermore with real, wing flapping action, and poseable legs, wings, and head. 

All four members of team RWBY.

Note that Blake and Yang have weapons fairly different from normal.  This is because their weapons are not easily made in Lego.  So Blake has a smaller sword instead of her sheath, and yang has dark yellow hands to simulate her gauntlets. 


RWBY and Lego are as perfect a pair as Ruby and her scythe.  Please support this project, and share with all of the other RWBY fans out in the world.  If you like this idea, and want to have your own Lego version of Team RWBY, please support this project!


“Get up, get going, I’ll meet you there.” 


~Monty Oum

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