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(ACJOC) AIF-28 Raven Multi-Role Strike Fighter

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(ACJOC) AIF-28 Raven Multi-Role Strike Fighter
Max Speed- Mach 8+
Flight Ceiling- Classified
Weapons- Diverse Weaponry can meet and match anything that thinks about flight
Armament-NANO K4 Reactive Smart Armor
Stealth-4 Channel Ability including human sight
Engagement Weakness-Best Wishes
Propulsion System - 2 medium modified UCELO twin Ram & Turbo jet Synchronous IV vector thrust 4D propulsion system
Alias-The Raven AKA (The Air Minister)
Weapon System - 2 single atmosphere rapid fire STORM cannons (System Termination Omni Rotational Manipulators) it also includes 8-16 (FFCMTIRS-V) Fire & Forget Chemical Match Intelligent Rocket System
Supports - 1 pilot and assisted AI operational control, and weapon system.

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