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Australian Outback

G’day from Down Under!

Did you know that the Australian Outback covers roughly 5.6 million square kilometers (3.5 million square miles) of Australia’s total land area? That’s over 70% (or almost 3/4 quarters) of the entire country!

As an Aussie, I thought it was important to create a LEGO IDEAS project based on Australian Flora and Fauna (plant and animal life) as this is a fantastic subject we teach / learn in our primary schools.

If you have ever driven through the countryside, or the outback in Australia, you will regularly see signs warning to watch out for various animal species. 

In this project, I added the Kangaroo warning sign, but thought it would be cool to also include a Koala eating leaves from an Australian Gumtree, a Sulphur-crested White Cockatoo perched high up on the top branch, and a Wombat sitting in his burrow (a large hole they dig in the ground to live in).

Though Kangaroos and White Cockatoos are not considered endangered, the Koala and Wombat certainly are. I believe it is good to do everything we can to create awareness of these beautiful animals, and also do everything we can to protect them!

It is quite common to see windmills out in the Australian Outback. Although windmills have been around for thousands of years, the Australian “Comet Windmill” was patented by Sidney Williams back in the early 1900s. These work by pumping water from deep underground from a bore (or a well) that connects to underground aquifers. When the wind blows to the windmill, it moves a geared mechanism which pumps the water up to help water crops like wheat used in agriculture, supply water for farm animals, and more. Windmills convert wind into mechanical energy but have zero net CO2 emissions.

Australia is a fascinating country full of amazing animals. I hope this project helps inspire you to think about ways we can protect our planet, and look after these amazing creatures.

866 LEGO bricks on a 32 x 32 baseplate.

Thank you.

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