Legendary Swords: A Poptropica Adventure

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"On a distant planet, a hero explores a strange land to discover a race of aggressive and bizarre robots who are planning an invasion of Poptropica! The only way the hero can stop this invading force is by using a series of hidden mystical swords that are scattered throughout the planet. Driven by courage (and a little fear), the hero must stop the invading robots and their diabolical master; the mysterious E. Vile!" -Poptropica

Legendary Swords is one of the most coolest, amazing, and legendary adventures on Poptropica. Poptropica is a website where there are always new areas to explore in this ever-expanding world where people can collect objects, read digital books and comics, watch movies and compete in head-to-head competition. There are new quests being added almost every other month. When it first came out, it was what everybody was talking about and playing. I was such a fan of the original quest, I decided to make a Lego model on it. I posted it here at Lego Ideas to give people a chance to own this set. For more information and a trailer about Legendary Swords, visit http://www.poptropica.com/quest/legendary-swords.html

The proposed set so far includes the boss robot, the hero, and a piece of the surrounding landscape. This I think best represents the game as a whole, but I am always open to additions to the set. I have been thinking about adding some of the other iconic robots and even the spaceship the hero arrives in, but to keep the project in a reasonable size only a few can make the final cut. I will be holding polls in the comments section to give you guys a choice in what you want in this set.

When you come towards the end of the game, you have to battle a giant robot ( I nicknamed him Mr. Teapot due to the shape of his head) to stop the invasion. I tried to make the model look as much as the game version as possible. He was the largest and most challenging part for me to build ( I had to take apart several other sets to get the pieces I needed) but after he was finished, I realized how awesome it was to build.

The hero was another hard part because they could look like anyone. So I decided to cross a space helmet and pack with a ninja outfit to create an unique look. Here the hero is standing on a rocky mound that shows  E. Vile has taken over this current planet. First, you have the E. Vile propaganda poster on the side of it (sorry I used tape, but I didn't want to use glue; it would be a sticker in the final version), and then you have an E. Vile flag at the top.

On the other side is a hidden cave. Here the hero can find a spare sword they can use, which in the game is called the Rusty Relic. There are also crystals that the hero can use to heal themselves after battling Mr. Teapot.

I plan on adding more swords, but the list will have to be kept short due to existing molds and quantity. If you would like to see further additions, then just comment or vote in the polls.

It's also important to spread the word. You can help this project gain more supporters by getting your friends to support this idea. It is important to get as many people to support before the 1 year deadline. And if the Poptropica creators see this, we would really appreciate it if you posted this on your blog to help get more supporters.

I will be posting updates when the polls and I have decided what will be further in this set. Remember to try and  check for new polls and updates weekly. If you would like me to do any other Poptropica themed projects, just let me know in the comments. Here we go on the road to 10,000!