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The Party of the Year - A Neoclassical Palace

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Whether it represents a luxurious mansion, an effervescent embassy or the heart of a nation, a thing is certain: this is the party of the year! While graceful ladies and well-dressed gentlemen converse on the steps, security officers check the arriving guests and waiters in action between officials, history can be felt on the terrace of this impressing palace… And you build it!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!
I’m proud to present you this neoclassical palace! Accessible through two symmetric staircases, the two-winged building overlooks a large green terrace and balconies. 
The palace has three floors:
  • The first floor is composed of a garage and a security room accessible through the back of the building.
  • The second floor is composed of a large entrance with marble floor, columns and red curtains, with access to the living room, decorated with an art deco style, and a billiard room, decorated with a club style.
  • The third floor is composed of a corridor with red curtains, with access to the bedroom and the bureau, both decorated with art deco inspired furnitures. Bow-windows and windows are placed all along the roof to provide light to the upper level.
There’s also a luxury car, fitting to the garage size.
The characters present are four ladies in haute-couture dresses, three gentlemen in suits, a waiter, two officials in uniforms and last but not least two security officers. 

I have a long time passion for architecture, especially neoclassical and art deco styles, and lego allowed me to build my very own creation. I wanted to build at mini figure scale as the presence of mini figures is paramount to make a building more lively, an essential feature when coming to architecture.

I decided to share it on the lego ideas platform as, though lego has developed many detailed and fine buildings, more classical buildings have been left and lack in the catalogue. Such palace would provide a great opportunity to get a basis, not only to build a palace, but furthermore to create your very own building as it would provide a great number of interesting bricks in pretty rare colours, as well as getting exceptional and chic figures. For instance, it could be used to build a museum, a residential building or whatever impressive and history full edifice you will conceive.

I hope you will like it and if you do so, then support and share in order to make it a real lego set!