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Paint With Frida


The idea of "Paint With Frida" is to honor the famous painter, Frida Kahlo, and have lego lovers create an art mosaic similar to a 2D painting using 3D legos. The set includes a palette, paintbrush, easel, canvas, large scale painting, and a lego person with Frida's iconic eyebrows.

"Paint With Frida" not only was made to honor a female artist, but to also show the further creative side of lego construction. It's fine art juxtaposed with creative building while learning about one of the real great master painters of our time.

The unique addition to this construction is the part of creating the flat mosaic "painting." The mosaic is created out of 3D lego pieces to make a fine art 2D image in the style of Frida Kahlo. This would make a great lego set because it teaches composition, color balance, art history, and the power of the self portrait while enjoying the basic fun of creativity and construction.

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