P.I.B. (Paranormal Investigation Bureau)

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Aliens, vampires, and bigfoot all have one thing in common: they need to watch out for the P.I.B. agents! The P.I.B. consists of male and female human agents dressed in black suits (and possibly trench coats and black fedoras). Every agent travels in pairs, carries a hand-gun, and travels in a swanky black car (or in some cases larger groups work in a black van).

Other Possible Theme Names include:
-Paranormal Agents/Investigators
-TAB (The Alien Bureau)
-Alien Conspiracy
-Mysterious Creatures

The bureau sends out agents to investigate paranormal sightings of:
-Grey Aliens
-Loch Ness Monsters
-Giant Radioactive Ants
-Jersey Devils
-Anything Paranormal

General set ideas:

-P.I.B. Headquarters
Special paranormal weapons room
Head of Bureau office
3-4 male and female agents
2 black fleet cars

-UFO Crash Site
1 Male and 1 Female agent with pistols
1 grey alien with weapon
1 saucer shaped alien space ship
1 cactus

-Chupacabra Attack
1 chupacabra minifigure
1 agent with firearm
1 goat animal figure

-Bigfoot Sighting
This set would include trees and other greenery
1 bigfoot minifigure
1 hunter minifigure with rifle and camcorder
2 Agents

This will make a great catch-all paranormal theme! Please support this project! Any and all comments, suggestions, pointers, and/or improvements are greatly appreciated, so please comment even if you do not support this project. If you don’t support this project please say why in the comments and I will see what I can do to improve it.

(Sorry the pictures aren't the best. I'm working with a camera phone and a limited supply of components. However the idea is great and this would make a great theme!)

Thank you for your support and comments! Let’s make this theme a reality!


Chupacabra Attack!

"Can I has lollipop?"

UFO crash site. This set would definitely include a random cow!