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Robotic Semi Truck


This is the Semi Truck of the future, presumably, powered by a 524 horsepower turbine engine, which is eco-boosted, of course. The trailer can rotate a full 180 degrees, and the two yellow cells on the back get the most out of the gasoline. An Ion converter, (the little grey slope with the green print) located on the back of the truck powers all the truck's electronic devices, which in real life would consist of a road scanner, object sensors, and a main processor unit.

The trailer was supposed to be for a Dark Knight truck flip MOC, but I decided to build this instead, as I don't have any bricks in that weird brownish color. Anyway, I decided to build this truck because, 1, I like to play with Mindstorms and stuff, and 2, it would be pretty cool to see one or two of these in a Lego diroama, driving down the highway, wouldn't it? Plus these probably aren't too far off in the future.

ATAT826 :)