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GBC Mini Module - Ball Pump


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This Great Ball Contraption was designed as an entry level GBC mini Module to help budding GBC tinkerers to get started with the Great Ball Contraption concept. It uses the common Ball Pump lift method to get the balls up off the base platform and uses a customizable ball race to send the balls back to the ball pump.

By using a modular design, it inspires creativity and play once the basic concepts are mastered.

The lift mechanism is manually driven by turning a small handle on the side of this GBC mini Module.

A multi-level platform design was chosen to keep the GBC customizable play arena clean, while all the grunt work is hidden under the top platform. This lower platform can also accomodate a LEGO motor and battery box as potential upgrade options.

If more balls are added, the Ball Pump can easily be expanded upwards with common LEGO pieces and this can make for more interesting design contraptions on the way down.

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