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X-Orbiter Starship


Spring Loaded Missiles

Hello, fellow supporters!

Since I found some new spring loaded missiles, I knew I had to incorporate them into one of my projects. This ended up being the one. I haven't made any updates to this in quite a while, and is a cool spaceship that I forgot about.

I added the missiles to the sides of the stabilization wings.

I also switched out the controls for newer ones.



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Thanks for supporting!



New Stuff Coming Soon!

Hello fellow supporters! I'm going to add another update to the X-Orbiter Starship soon, but it just might be so big, that I'll have to make it a separate project! It will be... out of this world. (Hooray for puns!)

Here's a not-so-subtle hint at what it will be: It's another spaceship. And I might make a space station for the X-Orbiter team at some point.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, I revised the blaster canons on the front of the Starship. They look so much better now.

This is the top view.

This is the underside.

Anyways, while we're waiting for the new spaceship and space station, (maybe on the space station,) please check out my other projects.

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Thanks for supporting!


Better Background

Hello fellow supporters!

I have taken pictures of the X-Orbiter against a plain white background.

Thanks for the support, and be sure to check out my other awesome projects!



New spaceship and laser!

Here's another smaller spaceship and a laser I built with the same ideas in mind! Enjoy!

Thanks for the support everyone!

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