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Metallica Live


One of the best thrash metal bands of all time comes to life in the world of Lego!

​This set shows a live performance of Metallica playing their instruments like shredding on the guitar,  finger picking on the bass and drumming like crazy in the back.

I included Jason, Kirk, Lars and James as well. I tried to do the original version of the band from the late 80's but I than decided at the last minute to use the 90's version instead since I couldn't find any good pieces in the Lego Digital Designer program.

The reason why I did this set is because of their new album "Hardwired to self destruct" officially came out last month and just wanted to throw in a idea that Lego has never done before.

This set also took longer than expected, but here are the results. I will try update the idea later on if I need to correct any changes.

Thanks for looking and keep building!